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I always forget to check for new submissions!
I'm really sorry if your submission has expired before I get to it.
If you want to be sure I see it , send me a note :iconreptangle: to remind me to check for it!
I am always planning new subjects for Paint your own things.. I have a huge list in my head, but  I thought I'd ask you!
What sort of creature would you like as a Paint your own?
Can't be a character that belongs to someone else ... something  real animals or fantasy.
Right now I am working on an oriental dragon ( or two),  a hippocampus (that has been in the works forever), and a couple other things.
Sorry guys! I haven't been paying attention and several of you had your submissions expire.
I'll try to be more prompt in accepting submissions now!
Hi guys!

When submitting, please make sure to use the little drop-down menu to select the proper folder for your PYOs. This saves me a LOT of time! For example, foo dogs go into the Foo Dogs folder, and not the dragons folder!

Thank you!
The Foo-puppies are selling out about as fast as we can restock them. But if you manage to get a couple, Drag0nfeathers is organizing a Foo-for-all  foo-puppy swap among Windstone forum members.. Details are here:…

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