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Submission Rules and Joining

Welcome to Windstone PYO! PYO stands for Paint-Your-Own, which is the line of Windstone sculptures designed by Melody Pena for collectors to paint as they wish!…

Please read on for our rules!

This group is open for anyone to join!

Submission rules:

1 Please try to submit to the correct folder.
This saves the admins time, but If you goof up, eh, whatever. No one will be mad at you. It's pretty easy to move stuff around.

2. We accept photos of your PYO Windstones here. In order to get your photo approved, consider:
- Focus. Your photo should be at least mostly in focus so that we can see what is going on.
- Subject. The PYO should be the main subject of the photo. Too much clutter can be distracting. Fun scenes are okay though!
- Color scheme. Because of the little lawyer that sits on our shoulder and pokes us with a sharp stick, we must insist, for legal reasons, that no PYO be painted specifically to look like an existing, established, official Windstone color scheme (such as "Emerald Peacock" or "Black Gold", etc)
- If your photo is particularly nice and creative (such as in a lovely scene) we will consider it for our featured area!

3. We are very happy to accept PYO tutorials! These can be photo tutorials, written tutorials, or a combo of both.

4. Don't post pics of your non-PYO Windstones here . We more than welcome photos of them on The Windstone Forum, however! Please join and share your Windstone collection photos there! Windstone forum:

5. We can't accept photos of re-painted non-PYO Windstones. We hate this rule too, but there are complicated legal reasons. What a world.

6. Overall, the submission should be in some way related to Windstone PYOs! Tips, tricks, tutorials, photos and more are welcome.

7. These rules are subject to change as we make up new things to go on about..

About Us

Windstone PYOs -- "Paint Your Owns" -- are hydrostone gypsum castings from original sculptures by the artist Melody Pena. They are finely detailed, finished, and sold blank for others to paint as they desire!

Currently, Paint Your Owns are:
Small Dragon
'Keeper' Dragon
Winged Wolf
Wing bookends
Muse (a strange creature for you to practice on)
Mother foo-dog
Father foo-dog
Long haired flapcat
Kitty griffin
Nine tail Kitsune

You can get PYOs through the website.

The artist behind all of this is Melody Pena, :iconreptangle:




About Us

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